Fantasy Beard Podcasting is live.

We are here to say all the things you didn’t want to hear. Tell the stories that dont matter. Mostly we just like to hear ourselves talk.

We have two shows currently,

Firstly All Your Games Are Belong 2 Us , Our weekly podcast starring Seth(Joxar), Nate, and Art3mis where we explore gaming in all its facets, be it console, computer, card, rpg, tabletop, LARPing or even Cosplay.

And an occasional podcast called RoadTripping, Where Seth records his roadtrip conversations with his guests, whoever is taking that trip with him. You may hear anything and everything  from gaming to politics to fart jokes and silly sleepy ramblings.

Both shows have content suited for immature adults of consenting listening appropriate age. I guess what I am sayin is we have potty mouths so beware foul language may be afoot.

Our website is currently under construction and this is a pretty quick and dirty spot where we can throw our content until we get our shit together.


Thanks for stopping by,